Odessa restaurants


Tipical We open this small parenthesis on restaurants, I can only give a few addresses but a lot of opinions.
With three days spent in Odessa to report on this site, I had tried various situations typically, a European restaurant that one finds punctually in the hotel, and the localities around the city which are with more varied cuisines.

The best choice always and however remains the Ukraine cuisine, for the price as well as the taste.
For this cuisine almost every cafe of the city is in grade to make flavoured and nutritious dishes, certainly the most economic which allows one to eat with a medium cost of around 80/100 grivne (10/12 euro).

The hurried tourist has at his disposition numerous self services always with Ukrainian dishes, to a cost of around 60 grivne.
There are also numerous little characteristic Ukrainian restaurants and from them all I want to point out is Kumanets' in Via Gavannaya no.7.

Many lovely waitresses in typical Ukrainian costumes and inside the restaurant which reflects the uses and costumes of the Ukraine of a time ago.

To give an idea how to find this restaurant, take Deribasovskaya Road in direction of Park Square, when you arrive at the start of the park, the restaurant can be found exactly on the corner of the parallel road on your right.
The moderate cost is about 120 grivne per person (18 euro).

restaurant Kumanets'

A link to the restaurant Kumanets', is noted for its very particular furnishing, a restaurant certainly to try.


The centre of Odessa is rich with bars which make excellent service restaurants, you save money and eat well.

Italian coffee

This is inside one of the most famous bars in Deribasovskaya Road, but we will speak about it on the blog, for a nice characteristic, Italian coffee with some interesting particulars.

The bottle that you see on the table of the bar is, strangely, a Vernaccia of S.Gemignano, an Italian valuable wine.
We also want to speak about the wine. We consider the reds of Moldavia but also the whites are not to despise, a glass of wine costs about 10/14 grivne.

To also point out the very nice and lovely blonde waitress.