Odessa port

Port of Odessa

new maritime station The image of the new maritime station for passengers opens this page dedicated to the port of Odessa.

Odessa links with all the most important ports of the Black Sea for the transportation of passengers and also for some cruises that go up the river Dnipro to Kiev.

The commercial port is considered important for its storage of materials, to be sent all over the world, from these, the steel comes from the foundries of the region and of other neighbouring regions.

Part of the metal from the Donbass area is in fact loaded in Odessa and this is due to the small profundity of the Azov Sea which does not allow an excellent loading on to the merchant transport ships.


The private floating small harbour.


A tugboat in the port of Odessa.


The steel waiting to be loaded on the merchant ships.

ready wood

A part of the stockpile of material, one notes a large quantity of ready wood.