Odessa railway

Railway station

railway station of Odessa The station of Odessa is an important railway junction for the South of the Ukraine.
Appears completely renovated, a lovely construction in the centre of the city opposite the square with a characteristic fountain and a park with flowers and vivacious colours.

Arriving and leaving are many trains with frequent daily services and direct to many cities in the Ukraine and Russia and a good number of seasonal trains direct to the holiday resorts.

One notes the inconsistency typically 12 hours to go from Odessa to St. Petersburg and 16 hours to go from Odessa to Donetsk with a distance of 650 kms.

railway station of Odessa

The arrival and departure area is very busy, many people use the train which is considered the most economic means to move around in the Ukraine.

arrival and departure area

This is the inside of the railway station, very well kept, in particular, exalting the classical taste of the architecture of Odessa.

inside of the railway station

Another view of the railway station of Odessa.

railway station of Odessa

A small note to conclude, English is little spoken, if you are in a station at the ticket office and don't have a small mastery of Russian or Ukrainian, arm yourself with a notebook and pen and communicate with designs ( personal experience) but it is necessary to write the destination in Cyrillic.