Ukrainian Girls.

Ukrainian girls

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What you have to know about a Ukrainian girl.
What you must never do.
What you can do but is not ok.

I would like to add: What you don't like to do but would have to be done.

We start this trip to discover secure love in other words how to avoid delusions, bad impressions, rip-offs and many other things.

The Ukraine, rich with very beautiful girls, beautiful girls and interesting girls perhaps a little less beautiful, quite nice girls and girls from small towns.

I would like to insert in this little guide a virtual state of alert reported in grades both for the riskiness and difficulty of conquest.
The riskiness will have a grade that goes from 0 to 5 as well as the difficulty of conquest, higher the grade means an increase of riskiness or difficulty.

riskiness grade 3
difficulty of conquest 2
Very beautiful girls are aware of being this and exploit their beauty for their interests and life but can also fall in love and be eternally bound to their man.

riskiness grade 2
difficulty of conquest 3
The majority are beautiful girls and know to be the norm, have fewer pretensions, and adapt themselves more easily.

riskiness grade 1
difficulty of conquest 4
Interesting girls in general are also very intelligent, have a good cultural preparation, serious moral principles and workers.

riskiness grade 1
difficulty of conquest 5
Quite nice girls have less need of a foreign man, aspire an easy life, are the future force of the nation, have a job or a gratifying activity.

riskiness grade 3
difficulty of conquest 2
Girls from small towns or from the countryside are simple girls and workers but in some cases begrudge the hard life and without satisfaction, a charge of children and husband, disappear one morning saying "I'm going to buy the potatoes" and never return.

I made these simple considerations to give you an idea of Eastern girls, don't take everything with simplicity. In general the approach in every case was written with diverse interests of that of love, both for the foreign man and for the Ukrainian woman.

Girls, love and sour cream Why are you men fascinated by the East?

Simply for a delusion of love, a lonely moment, or perhaps go round in circles but don't hit the nail, but a few times your mind takes you to considering the East as a probable approach for a life companion.

Why Ukrainian women look for foreign men?

At the same time it is good to specify that everything can be diverse from Ukrainian men who live with poor jobs and wages, who too often take to alcohol, the best way not to think about family responsibilities.

Amid all these situations and many combinations you can also find the right couple, the couple that happen to fall in love and build a life together. For love, grades of riskiness or difficulty do not exist, love, which is true, is born and makes you happy, however you need to be very careful that love is not one-sided, love on one part and interests on the other.

I will not want to speak now of how to get to know someone or to contact, only some small things before contact (how to find and contact girls we will speak about later).

How we recognise real love?
This is a difficult answer and the rules that I write for you are 95% valid but exceptions exist and in rare cases you can reply with only destiny.

1st rule
Virtual contact is nice for only a short time, to avoid falling in an emotional chasm where you can get to know the girl within three months from the first contact (why waste time with virtual approach without sense when it's possible to chat with the same results with a girl from your country).

2nd rule
Preferably the meeting must take place in the resident town of the girl, motivated girls have all the interest to make known their ambient of life, their work and family.

3rd rule
Avoid the difference of superior age to 15 years. No girl of 20 will have an ideal of a 50 year old man.
I have written that there are exceptions but as such the same warnings and riskiness.

4th rule
Never send money before personally meeting her.
Motivated and serious girls are also very proud and don't ask for money. In the Ukraine, men are often kept by the women.

5th rule
A few variations to rule 4, to keep contact is often very expensive. The Ukrainian monthly salary is often not enough to make ends meet to the end of the month. Contacts in the Internet Cafè or by sending mobile telephone messages are often a prohibited cost for the girl so if you can, send small sums but never more than 50 Euros/dollars.

These are 5 fundamental rules and if you manage to respect them, certainly you will not be swindled but this is still not true love, only a security that the girl is motivated and wants to know you, then to see you.

We see how to behave ourselves to the first approach, also in this case I write the rules. I know that life can not be made only by rules but do you want to be loved or prefer a night of dreams and then bye?

For the second hypothesis you close this book, take a hotel room in Kiev and take recommendations from the porter where to spend a lovely evening, to go to a nice Pub on the banks of the Dnipro and return with a beautiful girl that you can have for the whole night and only with a few hundred dollars less in your pocket, in the morning you will be satisfied but with an empty soul.

Certainly returning to your country boasting to your friends with wild stories of sex with beautiful girls and lovers, lying so well, not knowing which is reality or fantasy.
If you choose the first hypothesis then look for a companion that knows how to fill the gap left by other experiences, then we urge you to continue reading this book.

1st rule
The first time of contact, it is better to meet the girl at the airport, will resolve logistic problems and easy to transfer to the hotel or apartment.

2nd rule
Present yourself with simplicity and modesty and proud yourself to know their customs and life, avoid boasting (unfortunately very often).

3rd rule
If it's possible buy some flowers, perhaps three roses.
If for travel reasons it's not possible to arrive with flowers , buy them with her in the airport, take her to the flower kiosk and buy three roses (in the Ukraine the flowers kiosks are in two airports, Borispyl and Donetsk).
If you can't find flowers then a small low cost gift but useful or which serves to record your first meeting.

4th rule
Ukrainian girls are very proud of their country and life, to show you small things, for you normal, with pride, a new supermarket, a nice school, a nice building. For you they are things of everyday life and very normal and in certain cases collapsing but demonstrates their interests and amazement. Never talk about your country being better than the Ukraine because they don't know foreign life and normality.

5th rule
Think about their family and demonstrate interest and deepen knowledge, think about a small gift for the mother and father, small things like a bottle of spumante or a good wine.

6th rule
Stay sincere, describe yourselves as you are and not how you would like to be with simplicity and elegance. After all this is down to you, from your niceness, your manner of doing things, a good prelude will be all that you said you are in the period of virtuality, to make her smile and feel well.

Ukrainian girls are:

- Less emancipated
- Subject to submit themselves for love
- Build a lovely family
- Live happily with the man they love

In basis to this character basically stable for 80% of the Ukrainian feminine population and united in respect to the rules presented, your risk level on swindles and bad impressions are limited to remain under 10%.

Danger signals
These presented to you are dangerous situations, those of tricksters and with risks of rip-offs:

• The Ukrainian girl after a few contacts will ask you for money for the visa.
This is a 99% con trick after you send the money she runs away and you will not be able to contact her again.
Don't send money, in general these requests are around about 300/500 Euros or dollars but could also be only 100, don't send money.

• The Ukrainian girl after a few contacts will ask for money for her mother who needs to buy expensive medicine. This is a 99% con trick, after you send the money she runs away and you will not be able to contact her again.

• A wedding agency gives you an appointment with Ukrainian girls only saying that they have agreed to meet you, of which you have only seen them in photos. You arrive for the appointment and don't find the girls in the photos. We will call this a deception instead of a swindle but you have paid money to the agency and you will get to know only girls that are in the agency and not the beautiful ones you have seen in the photos.

• Websites that sell e-mail addresses
Attention with these sites, it's very probable to be cheated (50% but not the fault of the sites) from letters very feminine but written by men or also by women that live on one's sentimental wits to swindle money from its victims.
How to behave oneself, to invite the girl to present herself near a web cam to see her while talking on the telephone or to say that you have a friend in that town who could meet her.

• Never give information of credit cards
I believe that this rule is well-known by all but it is always better to remember it.
Personal and Weddings Agencies

This is a particular key, rich of uncertainty.
There are many serious agencies and as such not serious.
From those not serious the major dangers are:

- Professional escort girls that make the lure (Be sure to check the presence of the girl's photo and phone number on the escort website Bordelero.)
- False appointments with non-existent girls
- Appointments of love that work out to be payment appointments
- Fixed payment without resulting in a meeting.

Advice is always to rely on agencies with premises also in your country of origin or with secure references and documentations of true and real experiences.

Written by: © Lyudmyla Mykhalyova