Odessa buses

Bus station

Bus Station The Odessa bus station is a bit palace-style of 1980, placed outside the centre.

Very frequent because the bus is still one of the means of transport most used to travel between cities and villages of the Ukrainian territory.

The journey by bus puts one in contact with reality of the Ukraine, we advise against the journey alone by night, however without problems during the day.
Travelling times are always very long due to very numerous stops in small towns and suburbs of the villages.

Bus Station

Again the bus station viewed by the side.


Other than buses there are the unfailing marschuske, minibuses that drive around in the more varied localities but also long distance journeys with very frequent stopping in many small villages.

inside the station

This is inside the station. One finds a small bar, ticket office and a curious information office where they ask for a grivna for replies.

This is the address of the bus station:
ул.Коллонтаевская, 58 Odessa
Telephone 0038 048 732 56 90