Ukraine cities

Ukraine and cities

The Ukraine in square metres has a very large surface area (double to that of Italy) but with a population inferior to 25%, due to the large expanse of uncultivated land and cultivated land with grain but also uncontaminated.

Half of the principle internal transport system is the train with a rich network connections, now a Ukrainian tradition to travel by night from city to city.
If you leave in the evening from Kiev, in the morning you will arrive in Odessa, on the Black Sea.

Ukranian Cities map

Capital: KIEV
Population: 47.700.000
Surface: 603.700 km2
Religions: Christian, Orthodox.
Languages spoken: ukranian, russian, english.
Currency: Hryvna (UAH).
1 EUR = 7,20 UAH about
1 Dollar = 5.05 UAH about
International prefix: 0038
Timezone: GMT + 2