Odessa hotels


Odessa Hotel This image is of the noble Odessa Hotel, in a nice dominant position, new and 5 stars.
The cost for a double is up to and about 200 euro per night (450 euro for a suite), certainly nice because a room with a sea view has sensations to shout about but quite dear and decentralised in respect to the tourist area of the city.

There are many hotels in Odessa but on our visit we have opted for the Black Sea Hotel.
The reasons of our choice are attributed to the quite central position in the city and for the cost of a double room, up to about 70 euro per night.

The rooms are modern and with more common comforts.
When visiting Odessa, to take a hotel in the central area is an obligated choice if you donít want to go around the city using a taxi which, also for a few metres, costs 50 grivne.

Odessa Hotel

The very new Odessa Hotel photographed from the Potimkinskaya stairs

Black Sea Hotel

The Black Sea Hotel, a hotel that we can recommend for the price and its central position.
You can find it in Via Rischelievskaya n.59 Tel. +38 0482 300 904 E.Mail Website

Passage Hotel

Inside the gallery of the Hotel Passage (prices about 120 euro per night)


This is the apartment of the return journey, I had to spend the night in Odessa due to missing a connecting flight, September period costs 250 grivne a night (about 35 euro) but one can negotiate for a more longer period to 200 grivne, unfortunately in the airport area and however quite a way out of the city centre.