Ukraine weather.

Ukraine Weather

This map indicates the meteorological situation in the Ukraine.
They are the actual weather conditions and temperatures of various cities data is taken from the Ukrainian airports weather stations about every 60/90 minutes. For complete information, position the mouse over the clouds icon.

Data of the individual cities can change so are updated more frequently, about every 20/30 minutes, during the night, some stations do not transmit data.
For more detailed reports and updates, navigate on the menu on the right.

(Age: -9369 minute)

Kiev Borispyl, Scattered clouds, Light Rain, Temp. 30° C
Chernovsty, Mostly cloudy, , Temp. 20° C
Dnipropetrovsk, Clear skies, , Temp. 36° C
Donetsk, Clear skies, , Temp. 23° C
Hostomel, Clear skies, , Temp. 31° C
Ivano-Frankivsk, Overcast, , Temp. 19° C
Kharkov, Clear skies, Light Rain, Temp. 32° C
Krivyy Rih, Clear skies, , Temp. 35° C
Kiev Zhuliany, Clear skies, , Temp. 31° C
Lviv, Mostly cloudy, , Temp. 21° C
Mykolayiv, Mostly cloudy, , Temp. 33° C
Odessa, Mostly cloudy, , Temp. 30° C
Rivne, Mostly cloudy, , Temp. 23° C
Simferopol, Clear skies, , Temp. 31° C
Uzhhorod, Partly cloudy, , Temp. 25° C
Zaporizhzhia, Clear skies, , Temp. 36° C
Mariupol, Clear skies, , Temp. 21° C