Vacations and holidays.

Vacations and holidays in the Ukraine

Kiev Photographic tour.
Some photographs of the most characteristic places for holidays in the Ukraine, describe a small part of which one needs to experience when travelling in this country.
The shots immortalize part of the culture and part civility with sensations and emotions personally seen.
Kiev in winter (January).
Dnipro river completely iced over
Kiev a European characteristic city, the usual chaotic traffic in large commercial centres but also a city of ancient taste, a short passage from progress to tradition.
Kiev, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, heart of the capital.
Kiev, The long escalator on the underground.
Panoramic view of the Dnipro river and part of Kiev.
Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the dome of the very modern underground commercial centre.
Still Kiev, from the top of the great dome which gives light to the heart of the commercial centre in Maidan to the banks of the Dnipro river which flows through the city. Their summer sea with sprays and children. Like Italian beaches, the sand is a pale okra colour, very fine and delicate.
Maidan Nezalezhnosti, inside the commercial centre.
The Overseas Ministry.
The symbol of Kiev
The Dnipro river in summer.
Ukraine and its capital, images of the city restore a little of the climate which one breathes when wandering around. Maidan is a rainbow of colours and sound, life underground takes an unexpected character and is the face of the habitants of Kiev with a lot of facets, all certainly to be discovered.
Maidan again the square above the commercial centre.
Maidan, the obelisk of Independence Square.