Odessa centre

Centre of Odessa

Indicators When one arrive in the centre of Odessa the message is given by particular street indicators made in fusion and allocated on street lamps of the public illumination in classical 1930s style.

Traffic is quite chaotic, 40% formed by taxis and marshuske, only a small part of the centre is prohibited to the circulation and precisely a part of the famous Deribasovskaya Road that culminates with a nice park (Sobornaya) which in summer springs up with many small kiosks with music and colour.

Panorama of Odessa

Deribasovskaya Road

This is the famous Deribasovskaya Road prohibited to traffic and rich of cafes and restaurants.

Deribasovskaya Road

Again Deribasovskaya Road

Casinos and Bank Institutions

A road in the centre of Odessa, the shops are, in majority, clothes shops and telephony, some little food markets and many Casinos and Bank Institutions.

Architecture of Odessa

Also place of the Hotel Passage, This covered gallery, a splendid example of architecture of Odessa one finds in Deribasovskaya Road corner square/Sobornaya park.