Odessa monuments

Monuments and tourism

Duke De Richelieu We open with the monument of the Duke De Richelieu, a great man who was like a Mayor in Odessa from 1805 to 1814.

Rese Odessa to maximum splendour, reconstructing a great part of the city and also realizing the port considered an epoch to the importance of Imperial Russia.

In Odessa there is a lot to see, architecturally, is beautiful with well-kept monuments and restructured.
This is only a small panorama that we found to complete the photographic blog.

Known all over the world, the celebrated flight of steps of the mutiny of the armoured Potemkin towering towards the port of Odessa.

A small cable car on rails that links the top of the flight of steps to the entrance of the port, a free cable car with a maximum load of 15 people.


The celebrated flight of steps Potimkinskaya.

Government building

The Government building in the city.

Opera House

The Opera House of Odessa

Orthodox church

A beautiful Orthodox church, site of a monastery, is situated in the square opposite the railway station, in the centre of the city.