History of Kiev

History of yesterday and today

Kiev, golden gate

Kiev, bridge on Dnipro rivers

The police academy

Kiev was founded around 450 d.c. (archaeology and history asserted 482). Ancient legends narrate of a family composed of three brothers, Kyi, Sciek and Horiv and a sister Lybid'.
In Kiev there are two hills that were named after the two younger brothers, Scikovitsa and Horevitsa. The older brother Kyi has the city Kyiv or Kiev named after him, whereas the sister has only a small river and a large hotel in Kiev named after her.
The city of Kiev started its greater splendour in the 11th Century under Vladimir's authority (1012-1018).

In those years Kiev numbered 400 churches, 8 large markets and an increase in population from 50,000 to 100,000 habitants.
From Vladimir the great church takes its name, an actual tourist destination, and Vladimirskaya, the avenue that takes you to this church.
Immediately after Vladimir, from1019 until 1054, the city came under the regency of Jaroslav Mudriy who in this period constructed yet another two large cult centres, the Sofia cathedral and the cult centre Lavra.
We are still very far from those days, but like all great cities, it has had its dark moments and splendid moments. Now, Kiev is a beautiful city, rich with monuments, squares with wide streets and many services, plus and a start in technology prescribes the progress. Certainly Kiev or Kyiv is a living city, with a distinct European aroma.

Kiev today
To move around the centre of Kiev we can give you a first glance at a map of Kiev centre, all seems to hand or better still on foot. If necessary, Kiev offers an optimal underground network that, in particular during the winter period, offers a valid alternative to half of the city, take a look at the underground map of Kiev.
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Tourist monumentals have a large space in Kiev, at a quick glance there are enormous monumental structures of the ex-Soviet Union.
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