New years eve

New Years Eve in Kiev

Girls A holiday in Kiev for New Year can be considered for a different holiday, a holiday where you can get to know diverse customs also if similar.
The Ukrainian Christmas happens on the 6 January and 31 December of every year is the first public holiday and perhaps the most important from the point of view of enjoyment.

The whole of Kiev explodes into a grand party of lunches and dancing at home with friends; the habitants prefer dinners and private parties and then perhaps rush to Maidan after midnight.
Tourists can find everything. All restaurants are open, discotheques, music-bars, night-clubs with quite high prices, which you can certainly relate to an Italian New Year.

Certainly a night for the young between thousands of stalls that sell everything, drinks, cakes and souvenirs. Many youngsters play their instruments on the main streets that take you to Maidan but also to the underground part where the commercial centres are open for the occasion.
At midnight everything becomes lit and crackling, in every part of the city fireworks and bangs that last for almost an hour.

The average cost for this holiday:

- the trip, 350 Euros return, from European nations, if you book in advance (2 months before).
- apartment rental for New Year, 5 days about 400 Euros.
- hotels, alternatively there are various promotions but for 5 days it is difficult to be less than 500 Euros.
School - Dinner for the 31st , in an Italian restaurant about 200 Euros but you can be satisfied in a typical restaurant with a cost of about 30/40 Euros.
- discotheques, pubs, night-clubs this night is expensive as in Italy therefore calculate your own prices.
- to meet a girl for the occasion doesn't have a price (in that sense), certainly a magical night but at your expense for two (when it's OK).
v Taxis, New Year's Eve evening, work almost exclusively for tourists as the price is doubled, ask the cost because the price for the zones in the centre must not exceed 30 grivne.
Considering that in the Ukraine the taxi stop is payable and if you stop a taxi, he will be happy to accompany you (always in the centre) for 20 grivne (4 Dollars).

This is an indication of the average cost for a "do-it-yourself" tourist but there are also very good commercial offers that in every case give proposals for time with possible concrete comparisons.

Happy New Year in Kiev

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