Monument and tourism in Kiev

Monuments and tourism

The Lavra Church

St.Andrew Church

St.Andrew Church

Rodina monument
Some small things, but Kiev and everything to discover will certainly amaze you with many particular zones rich in history.
Arriving in the capital what will hit you most, is the impressiveness of the large monument dedicated to mother earth, in memory of the Second World War.
A very tall statue, in steel and cement, is a large angel with a sword pointing to the sky, an anthem to earth and liberty.
Kiev with its tourist or characteristic areas can be visited on foot having perhaps some free days (and good legs).

The churches are an important and monumental part, different from ours with many small differences, but the cult is very strong and standing out are the icons of high physical and moral values.
Speaking of religion, an important zone is Lavra, the Ukrainian cult centre (the Ukrainian Vatican). In the Ukraine you will find only three of these cult centres, this one is the largest in Kiev; the second is in nearby Lviv and lastly Sviatogoskaia in the Donets'k region. Religious Ceremony Lavra, Kiev

Continuing the streets of the capital and perhaps using the comfortable underground, you will arrive in Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the heart of the commercial district of Kiev with its underground commercial centres, construction signs of modern-ness and technology with fashion stores and great names, principally Italian.
Here you can pass time without realising that time passes by.
The ambient is completely acclimatised plus there are other underground levels.

The Centre
Returning above ground and going along Khreschatyk street, a beautiful road rich with bars, restaurants, shops and hotels you will come to Bessarabs'ka square. Here, there is a large commercial centre called Metro, with more floors also underground. For those that are interested, on the lowest floor of the centre there is a modern internet-point.
There are many monuments to see, the photo on the left is of the S.Andrea church, very near the ministerial Ukrainian Overseas Offices.

Dnipro River In summer (from June to September) we advise you to go to the banks of the Dnipro river, totally navigable and rich with bathers, in winter (December, January) you will find completely frozen and passable.
Many Ukrainians, in that period, make small holes in the ice and fish.
With these pages, we don't pretend to describe in an exhaustive and complete manner, because your visit to "tourist Kiev" is your time in this great city is personal and exclusive.
We only hope to make you feel the emotions that exhales from this Eastern country, so diverse and at the same time so real. You will find on these pages, a panorama full of monuments, and in particular photographs of Kiev.

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