E-mail translation from English to Russian.

Automatic letter in Russian

This is a small tool of great use, allowing you the first contact in Russian, without the need of a translator.

The information that you can send is at your complete discretion, all information will be translated only if you complete the required data boxes. It is evident that with more information given, the letter will be more complete and flowing also if it will only be a very brief letter in each case.

I would like to specify, in a clear way, that none of the information given will be saved and upon you closing the page, all information is cancelled without the possibility of being used by anyone.

With that said, by pressing the compose key, the letter will be prepared in English for you to check together with a Russian version to send to the person with a simple copy and paste to your client e.mail.

There will only be a link to www.ukraine-travels.com to mention which path the tool originated, in making it possible to send a letter.
To me it is a little thing which I ask you not to cancel because it is only a small copyright which justifies all the work carried out by Ukraine Travels and I have to put, thankfully, at the users disposal without upsetting the form of the letter.

The compulsory boxes must be completed otherwise you will automatically return to this page.

Now you are ready to compose your letter:
(compulsory) select the appropriate appellative
(compulsory) insert the person's name
(compulsory) insert your name
(compulsory) insert your age
(compulsory) your nationality and country of residence must be inserted, to make sense of the sentence
I'm (nationality tipe:english)
and live in (state of residence tipe: england)
(optional) click to insert your town of residence
(optional) name of city or town of residence
(optional) click to insert your living arrangements
(optional) click to insert your job or study details
your qualification: in which sector:
(optional) click to insert your travel experience in the Ukraine
Have you ever been to the Ukraine? If yes, how many times?
(optional) click to insert your hobbies
preferred music

preferred books

free time

In which way are you thinking to continue the contact?
In the next square you will find three data keys to help complete the letter.
If you're thinking of attaching your photo click the photograph wording, in the body of the letter there will be a small sentence inserted that evidences the photo.
If you want to continue the contact by means of mail and/or telephone also click the contact by Mail - Telephone.
In the letter there will be reserved spaces in insert your mail address and or telephone number.
(optional) click if you want to attach a photo to the mail
(optional) click if you wan to insert your address
(optional) click if you want to insert your telephone number