Ukrainian music.

Ukrainian music

Ukrainian music from 1950 to today
The Ukraine has changed a lot, especially in the musical field in the last half century.

The 50s.
One can compare to the days of smooth dances, our dance bands included, where dances were very similar to the quadrille and a very fast step.
All music was from the Great Russian federation and little from the west succeeded to pass over.

The 60s.
Many styles of songs for young communists. These had had as a theme, grand work like a large train travelling across Siberia, on this they constructed the song which made new personalities of young communists.
Beginning to arrive, were western songs like the twist and bugy-bugy but were not very good to see (better to say listen to) from the regime and only a small part of the small discos then programmed these dances.
The youngsters were much more capable of doing these dances and they listened to this music (for example Beatles or Elvis) in private homes.

The 70s-80s.
With a stroke of luck ABBA became idols of the Secretary General Breginiev.
This was the turning point which opened channels to many western artists precisely like Abba or Boney-M and also to Italian artists like Celentano or Raffaella Carrà.
Songs and local music before coming out commercially, had to be examined by the authority. Therefore the author other than being good also had to look good. Love songs were very caste and they never sang about sexuality but the heart, pure spirit, or the beauty of nature.
Also the Great Russian Federation had brought out talented singers like the Bulgarian Biser Kirov.

The 90s.
The arrival of independence in the Ukraine and the development of locals for enjoyment and dancing, opened the western frontiers but strangely they choose dance music made in Russia, if at times lines or copying were taken from the western successes.
The new millennium opened the doors to new digital technology and confirmed the tendency to programme one�s own material, which sincerely seems very valid, in respect to European production.

Our days are on this page, listen to the rhythms and sonority used in the Ukraine.
We have selected 12 brands, more or less dance.

01) А. БУЙНОВ Петро

02) А. МАЛИНИН Если бы не ты

03) БЛЕСТЯЩИЕ Капитан дальнего плавания

04) БЛЕСТЯЩИЕ Пальмы парами

05) ВИА ГРА и А ДЬЯЧЕНКО Мне онo не нравится

06) ГЛЮКОЗА Швайне

07) ДИСКОТЕКА АВАРИЯ Если хочешь остаться

08) К ЛЕЛЬ Кручу верчу


10) Н КОРОЛЕВА Рай где ты

11) ТУТСИ Я люблю его

12) Ф-КИРКОРОВ и SAKIS ROUVAS Как сумасшедший