Flag, coat of arms, anthem.

Flag, coat of arms, anthem

The Ukrainian flag
The Ukrainian national flag is two horizontal strips of blue and yellow material with the same dimensions.

The Ukrainian Coat of Arms
The principal element of the Coat of Arms of the Ukraine is the insignia of the State, Prince Volodymyr the Great.

Yaropolk, Oleh and Volodymyr (978-1015) all inherited different principalities. Yaropolk received the principality of Kyiv, Oleh the principality of Korosten', and Volodymyr received Novgorod.
These princes fought each other and the winner of the civil wars was Volodymyr, after which, he became the governor of Rus'.
He began the work of the political reunification of various tribes in agitation between themselves and those scattered within the territory.
For this ability he received the name "Volodymyr the Great".

The Ukranian anthem

The music of the Ukrainian national anthem was written by Verbizki.
You can download this from the link Ukrainian national anthem in midi format.

Midi Ukrainian National Anthem

This is a version of the Ukrainian National Anthem made by Alibrando Morgantini and the orchestra director and composer Carlo Pucci.
A draft version with all the possible elements that we recovered and subjected to modification, if inconsistent with the original.
We are also preparing the midi optimised for expander Roland and the musical score will be available shortly.

MP3 Ukrainian National Anthem download and listen
Гимн Украiни "Ще не вмерла Украiна"
(can be downloaded and freely copied provided the mp3 maintains the original name which is national-anthem-copyright-ukraine-travels.mp3).

The National Holiday is 24 August, proclamation day of independence in 1991.