Immigration card.

Immigration Card

The Immigration Card is normally given on the flight but you can find them before passport control at the border. How to complete the card is illustrated in the image but to be clear we refer to the various items:

1) Your surname.

2) Your name.

3) Your nationality.

4) Your date of birth.

5) Your sex, female or male.

6) Your passport number.

7) Your Entrance Visa number, no longer necessary for EU citizens therefore cancel with a line.

8) Your children with name and date of birth.

9) Reason for visit, in general it's tourism or private visit.

10) Your permanent address in the Ukraine which can be a hotel or for private visits, name and surname plus address.

11) Your arrival flight number but in general the flight company is sufficient.

12) Sign if you are the tutor or parents of supporting children.

The completed card is in two parts and the unique variation between arrival and departure is the flight number that in general is not stated and you can only insert the flight company. One thing not to forget: keep the part of the card that they issue you and to avoid problems and late departure, don't lose it.