Customs declaration.

Customs declaration

The customs declaration is completed, if necessary, after passport control before customs transit.
Completion is necessary if when passing customs with contents valued at more than 1000 Euros or importing material of a certain value also if only for personal use.
Our advice is to always complete one giving the value, also if inferior, telephone or mobile telephones, possibly photographic cameras or for renewal, laptop computers and accessories plus all valued items to be declared for your own security.
The images that you find are in English but with experience we can say that it is not very easy to find them in this language therefore use the given instructions to memorise the method of completion.

Lets see point by point in a hypothetical entrance of Mr John Smith from London who is travelling alone with luggage equal to an overnight bag for personal computer and accessories and a suitcase, valued to 500 Euros and 700 dollars:

1) Personal details:
Surname Smith, name John, paternity NOT NECESSARY, country of residence ENGLAND, nationality ENGLISH, passport series NOT NECESSARY, number HW200987005 (passport number as on the immigration card), the country from where you arrived or country of departure ENGLAND, destination country UKRAINE (this is necessary for entrance, exit or transit in the Ukraine), young children with me NO, quantity 0.

2) Luggage details:
Accompanying luggage includes hand luggage YES quantity 2, unaccompanied luggage or luggage with relative loading documents to stick when transferring directly to the hotel or other place of destination, in this case, NO.
Value amount or valuables, item Value Description: Dollars $ in number 700 in letters seven hundred, following line Euros - 500 � five hundred.
From part 3.2 to part 3.12 if you arrive in the airport in general you put No to everything, if we take a different border for example Chop so if you arrive by car, in that case to part 3.12 we put YES.

4) Merchandise details:
On this page give relative descriptions to the merchandise as in the first part and in particular give one's own mobile telephone, photographic camera, lap-top specifying possibly the model, business video cameras and electronic accessories that have importance, I repeat that to declare does not bring problems apart from some explanation however if you do not declare you can be liable for exportation tax when leaving. Look at the example as given on the card.

4.2) Means of transport details:
In this part there are arrival conditions in the Ukraine with one's own car but also in the case of taking a car in the Ukraine for diverse reasons. If you arrive with your car you must write all the details as on the card but memorise the methods because as I have already said, it is difficult to find a card written in Italian, my advise is to print the page and take a copy in your overnight bag. With your car, other than the details of the car, select the box temporary importation.

After of which you can put the date and your signature, large and readable.
I say to you that to chronicle everything written in Italian or any other language will be subject to explanations but if you have a slight knowledge of English compile the card using international terms like mobile telephone, digital camera, video camera, personal computer etc.
I hope that these notes help you to arrive in the Ukraine in absolute tranquillity.