Yevpatoriia (Crimea)


One of the country's best climatic and balneological resorts, the largest children's heafih-resort in Ukraine.
Yevpatoriia is one of the oldest towns in the country, the successor of Kerkinitis lounded in the late 6th early 5th c. BC.
In the 15th c. the Turks, which occupied the Crimean coast, built on the site of the presentday town the lortress and called it Gezlev.

At the same time, it was a large town and a commerciai port, one of the medieval slave markets. Some architectural monuments lrom that time have come down to our days. At the end of the 19th c., Yevpatoriia began to develop as a resort town.
In 1886 the first mud-baths were built on the bank of the Moinaks'ke Lake, and in 1905 the first private sanatoriurn, called Prymors'kyi (Seaside) appeared in the town, lollowed bythe second one in 1911.

At present, the town is not only the resort, but a tourist centre as well.