Feodosiia (Crimea)


The administrative, industrial, and resort centre of the South-Eastern Crimea and a large commerciai port, Feodosiia is also widely known for its mineral waters and medicinal mud.
Feodisiia is also famous for its history - il is one of the oldest towns in Europe. In the 6th C. BC on the site of the settlement of Ardabra (Aravda) merchants-seafarers founded the settlement of Feodosiia.
Ancient Feodosiia fell in the 4th c. BC during the invasion of nomads. In subsequent centuries life only dragged out here. In the 13th - 14th C. a new city emerged on the ruins of the old one and got the name of Kafa; for two centuries it was under the dominion of the Genoese.
In the Middle Ages Kafa was the major commerciai port of the Northern Black Sea maritime regions. It also became notorious as a large centre of slave trade in the Crimea. In 1475 Kafa was seized by the Turks.
The town wad renamed Keffe and became a centre of the Crimean Province of the Turkish Sultan. After the annexation of the Crimea by Russia the town got its original name of Feodosiia.