Odessa girls.

Odessa Girls

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Girls in Odessa

We start with this panoramic photograph of Odessa, we have taken shots naturally, except for a few, and these photos are natural and spontaneous.
We have used three very common names to help judge and compare them, Irina, Ocsana and Julia.
The names were born from complete fantasy just by looking at the photos and imagining their names.

This is Irina, beautiful and elegant, opens the running shots because she is someone to take a photo of. The snap was taken naturally in the middle of the famous Deribasovskaya Road.

This is Julia, sweet, natural and classically Ukrainian. This was taken in her workplace, a famous bar in Deribasovskaya Road.

Ocsana wanted to be photographed, is young, fresh, and spontaneous. This was taken at the bottom of the steps of the Potimkinskaya.

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