Trains in Ukraine.


Some particularities
The Ukrainian train network is very extensive with a widespread coverage, the Ukrainian habitants move from one city to another principally by train.

If you leave in the evening you will arrive at your destination the next morning, covering hundreds of kilometres.

To travel by train is possible in the Ukraine, minimum travel costs and reach many cities and small towns.

The price of a ticket costs less than half price of an internal flight.

Prices vary depending on the classification on the train, we can travel imaginary from Kiev to Odessa, prices for various types of classification on the train will be related on this trip.

The most economic choice is the carriage Platskart (Плацкарт); it is a train carriage with many bunks without closures, like living in a large family, costs from 38 to 45 grivne per bunk corresponding to 7/8 Euros.

Passing to the carriage with many compartments called Kupe (Купе), every compartment has 4 bunks, the compartments have a closed door, costs from 58 to 65 grivne per bunk corresponding to 9/11 Euros.

The last is the most comfortable, but are not on all trains, is called the Spal'niy wagon (CB), translated literally takes the name bedroom wagon, costs from 260 to 340 grivne for two bunks corresponding to 45/58 Euros.

On the trains with little distance there are also carriages with single seats (or old wooden seats) and the price of these are really paltry.

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