Cyrillic to Roman equivalent.

Cyrillic transliteration.

A little knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet allows us to understand many words that are similar to ours.
Use this table together with the other tables of complete sentences found in the "Small Travel Dictionary" the first E-Book from Ukraine Travel.

Upper caseLower caseRoman equivalentPronunciationVocal explanation
Ааaaas in apple
Ббbbas in boy
Ввvvas in very
Ггggas in god
Ддddas in day
Ееjeyas in yell
Ёёjoyas in yo
Жжzhzhas in pleasure
Ззzzas in zero
Ииieas in Easter
Ййyeyas in yoga
Ккkkas in kiss
Ллllas in look
Ммmmas in mild
Ннnnas in nice
Ооooas in October
Ппppas in play
Ррrras in Russian
Ссssas in small
Ттttas in Turkish
Ууuuas in ultra or ou
Ффffas in French
Ххchkhas in the Scottish loch
Ччtchchas in child
Шшschshas in shy
Щщstchshchas in rush show
ruleъtvjordi znakrarely used, indicates a slight pause between syllables
never first letterыyias in sir
ruleьmjagki znak makes the previous letter soft, or as if there is a after the consonant.
Ээeeas in explain
Юjuuas in university not as in up
Яjujaas in yahoo