Vacations in Mariupol.

Vacations in Mariupol

Photographic tour.
The city of Mariupol, a large commercial port which faces the Azov sea, has a small airport which connects with Kiev Zhuliany, and also connected daily with Moscow (secondary airport). An industrial city with steelworks and coal and sulphur commercials, make a part of the Donetsk region.
Sunrise in Mariupol.
Mariupol centre, theatre park, Spring.
Centre of Mariupol and the tall Christmas tree.
Panorama of the city in the Primorsky, a district near the port.
Mariupol, with a moderate temperature in summer and winter, although in 2006 it fell to -32°. Some of the habitants possess small "Dacie", houses in wood or brick with small allotments of land, 20/30 km from the city where they cultivate fruit and vegetables and where they spend a few days relaxing.
The fountain in the centre of the city at Theatre Park.
The theatre in the centre of the city.
Dacia, small buildings with land.
Dacia, cultivation.
You could write a book but I believe that this is an adventure that would have to be seen personally to absorb the real taste of this land.
From Mariupol to Yalta, 12 hours by bus, 600 km.
The boundless land, large expanses of uncultivated land with very small villages